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When you want to improve the overall appearance and energy efficiency of your Bedford home with a siding replacement, you don’t want just anyone to do the job. You want a professional who is well-known, highly reviewed, and certified. You want Universal Windows Direct!

We offer two types of siding that are specifically engineered to stand up to the climate of our area, vinyl and composite.

Vinyl Siding Systems

Our UniShield vinyl siding systems are easy to maintain and feature beautiful craftsmanship and elegant design. We perfectly blend sleek designs with Lifetime Guaranteed quality and performance.

We’ll help you choose a personalized vinyl siding option that is perfect for you, not some common system that we offer all of our customers. Additionally, we’ll make sure it’s the best value for you at the best price.

Our modern siding systems can take anything our Bedford weather throws at them. The installers on your project will triple-check everything to ensure it is perfect and that everyone is satisfied, especially you.

Composite Siding Systems

If you want siding that mimics real wood but doesn’t come with all the required maintenance, check out our Ascend composite siding systems. They offer premium protection with exceptional insulation.

Unlike wood siding, our composite siding comes with industry-leading lifetime coverage. It’s resistant to high winds and moisture while having considerable impact resistance. The best part is that you will never have to waste your time repainting it!


When you’re researching your vinyl or composite siding options, you may have some questions. Check out the frequently asked questions our previous customers have had.

Does Vinyl Siding Require Maintenance?

Vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance as it never needs to be painted and if it gets damaged, it can be easily repaired. You will have to wash it at least once a year.Composite siding also never needs to be repainted and will require washing at least once a year.

Is It OK To Pressure Wash Vinyl Or Composite Siding?
Before you pressure wash your siding, you should verify with the manufacturer that it’s safe to do so. If it’s done incorrectly, it can damage the siding, causing dents or holes. A safe and easy method of cleaning siding is to use a garden hose, a soft-bristled brush, and a mild cleaning solution.
How Do I Know If It’s Time To Replace My Siding?

When you see any of the following signs it is most likely time for a siding replacement:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Caulking failures
  • Cracking
  • Swelling
  • Separation of seams
  • Extreme color fading
  • Moisture damage on the inside of your home.
Can Siding Be Installed In The Winter?
As long as the weather is reasonable, siding can be installed in the winter months; however, extreme weather can result in project delays. Some problems can occur with the installation in very cold temperatures.

Our Past Projects

Any quality remodeling company is going to be able to provide you with examples of their past projects. We’re no exception to this rule. We have completed many successful siding replacement projects and we are proud to show off the results.

Loyalty: One Of Our Defining Core Values

We thrive on the loyalty of our customers. Because we are faithful to every single one of our customers and come through with quality products and services, none of our customers get left behind. This results in us earning their loyalty.

We have more than a 50% return and referral rate. What this boils down to is that 1 out of every 2 customers is either someone we’ve worked with before or someone who’s been referred to us by a previous client. 

Our referrals are based on our local reputation, convenient and considerate follow-ups, fair and transparent pricing, and a local customer service approach. 

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Whether you want to upgrade to superior vinyl or composite siding on your Bedford home, you need a professional company that truly cares about your needs and satisfaction. Call Universal Windows Direct for all your siding needs!

We truly listen to what you want to gain from your siding replacement and help you accomplish that goal. Unlike the competition, we make your project all about you.

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