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Personalized Entry Doors For
Your Bedford Home

Precision Installations By The Door Experts

Are you thinking about replacing an entry door on your Bedford home? Most contractors use prebuilt doors that have no personality and do nothing for a home’s curb appeal. If you’re going to make an investment, why not have it tailor-made specifically for your home?

Here at Universal Windows Direct, we custom-make every door we install. You get to select your core styling, configurations, hardware, coloring, glass, and accessories. We’ll even let you see what your new home will look like through the use of an iPad and modern apps.

Our Door Styles

We offer several door styles that will accommodate whichever entry door you are trying to replace. Whether you need to replace your main entrance or you need a stylish side door, we have all the options you need to match your home perfectly.

Front Doors
Your front door can really say something about your home, so why not pick one that says something about you? You also want to make sure it’s a secure choice that will safeguard everything on the inside of your home.

Entry Doors

We don’t use those standard off-the-rack doors that our competition uses so you’ll find that our entry doors offer you an expert fit and a better look than you ever expected. You’ll get all the style you want but won’t miss out on any of the security features you need in this type of door.

French Doors

Do you have a room that exits into a beautiful area? Why not capitalize on this with a set of beautiful French doors? Our French doors come with high-quality glass and are extremely energy-efficient.

Storm Doors

If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection from the harsh New England weather, you may want to consider a storm door. Storm doors also offer seasonal options as their panes can be changed out in nicer weather for screens.

Patio/Sliding Glass Doors
Our sliding glass doors will allow more natural light and warmth to enter any room they are installed in. They look spectacular and offer superior durability and energy efficiency.

We Offer Educational Design Consultations

Many homeowners feel that the initial remodeling design consultation is the worst part of the entire process and not the actual remodeling! They are anticipating that the experience will be all about the company trying to sell the service and all they’ll get out of it is some brochures and a bid.

Many times there is a lot of pressure involved as well as trickery with the pricing. The homeowners are often strong-armed by the company in an attempt to get them to buy.

Here at Universal Windows Direct, we do things completely differently. First and foremost, we put our focus completely on the reasons we are there speaking with you so that we can find the best value for you.

We are not there to sell and we definitely don’t do all the talking. Instead, we educate and ask our way into finding the answers to what will truly benefit you.

Why You Should Choose Us

During a routine sliding glass door replacement on a local Bedford home, we came across a few issues. First, we found that we had to take the deck off temporarily. Once we did this, we found the real problem.

Whoever had installed the deck didn’t install the flashing and water was getting inside the house! Because we believe in honesty and being transparent, we immediately had an open conversation about the problem and how we could fix it from top to bottom with lasting solutions.

We successfully fixed the problem but imagine if this family had hired someone who didn’t look into all the details!

Our Installers Are Fully Trained And Certified

In every aspect of our exterior remodeling, we have put in the effort and the time to become certified and recognized industry-wide. We conduct intense screening on all of our employees to ensure that they meet the strict guidelines we are looking for.

We perform periodic job site inspections as well as spot checks to ensure that our workmanship remains up to our standard. Our employees are required to attend yearly training and multi-day bootcamp training sessions.

When it comes to doors, we are tried and true product specialists and expert installers.

Are You Ready To Upgrade That Boring Door To Something
More Tasteful? Call The Door Pros

When your door doesn’t say what you want it to, it’s time to custom-build one that will. You need the Bedford door experts at Universal Windows Direct!

We’ll help you design the perfect door for you and your home. Your new door will really make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

Call us at (603) 218-3756 or schedule your free estimate today.

We service Bedford and the surrounding areas.