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Revamp your house with beautiful, remarkable, and energy-efficient replacement windows.

Our team is here to find you the perfect replacement windows for your home and retrofit them to your space.

Custom made to your property’s exact specifications, we guarantee that our home window replacement products and services are a perfect fit for you.

At Universal Windows Direct, we take great pride in delivering top-notch results to New Hampshire homeowners.  

We specialize in improving your home’s curb appeal, increasing energy efficiency, and boosting your quality of life – one New Hampshire home at a time.

Get a FREE consultation with residential replacement windows experts.

Time to replace your home windows? We can help.

Upgrading your old windows can immediately increase your property value while making it safer, more secure, and energy-efficient.

Replacing outdated, poorly performing windows doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you understand what to expect during the project and help you select the best product for your space.

We’ll then send our team of expert home windows installers to install your custom replacement windows.

Our modern windows meet all ENERGY STAR® requirements so to ensure huge savings on your energy bills.

Popular Residential Replacement Window Options

  • Casement Replacement Windows
  • Double Hung Replacement Windows
  • Hinged Awning Replacement Windows
  • Replacement Sliding Windows
  • Picture/Specialty Windows

Custom Home Replacement Windows for All Types of Residences

From older houses with classic architectural style to contemporary and sleek modern homes, premium vinyl is the leading material used for retrofit windows.

Increased home value. Added charm. Cozy and inviting space. Elevated comfort. Get vinyl replacement windows from your trusted local window replacement contractors.

Upgrade your windows for better energy efficiency features, security, protection against hazards, other outside elements, and more.

We offer custom home replacement windows for any type of residence. Our experienced and certified installation team can set up custom replacement windows for your property.

  • Single-family homes
  • Historic homes
  • Townhomes and condominiums
  • Investment properties

Outstanding Storm Windows

Our UniShield® replacement windows outperform aluminum-framed designs by a mile. More excellent impact resistance, superior flexibility, and all without conducting extreme temperatures.

Perfect Replacement Window Choice for Multi-Story Buildings

Our expert installation team is experienced in meeting the specific window requirements of multi-story buildings.

From tilt-in window designs to secure windows with locking sashes, we’ll offer you the best replacement windows for the upper levels of your property.

Our Home Window Replacement Products Feature:
  • High-quality and expertly-made lock selection features to increase every window’s security.
  • Exclusive UniShield® Windows for optimum energy efficiency performance.
  • Fantastic durability that withstands storm debris.
  • Sash locks and stops for improved home safety.
  • Modern and elegant designs enhancing the décor of any home.
  • Single and double-pane glass engineered with the best UV protection.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Replacement windows for the main level or upper floors of any type of home – whatever your home window needs are. We have the best selection to complement your house.

Free Replacement Window Quotes

Fair and accurate window replacement estimates based on precise measurements.

Schedule a complimentary in-home inspection for a free custom window replacement estimate. One of our friendly and professional staff can assess the needs of your property and offer expert custom replacement windows solutions.

Get Customized Estimates

Need new replacement windows quotes for all the windows in your home or only for a single one? Want to change the existing style of home windows you have, or keep it as it is? Let us know what your needs are, and we will strive to meet them.

Expect Precision

Every project is different. Every replacement window service is custom. Our trained and experienced local window replacement professionals conduct accurate measurements to generate the most accurate estimates.

Expect a comprehensive review and precise residential window replacement quote from our in-house window replacement contractors.

Wide Selection of Top Options, Colors, and Extras

Take a look at our wide selection of premium window design options, high-quality glass, and bold vinyl colors. Order your high-quality replacement windows today.

Get a FREE estimate.

Energy Star Windows for Your Home

State-of-the-Art Low-E Glass Windows. Top Energy Efficiency Performance Ratings.

Energy Star, a program under the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sets stringent energy-efficiency standards for custom replacement windows, entry doors, and skylights.

At Universal Windows Direct, you can find exclusive residential window features designed for superior energy efficiency performance. Boasting top energy-efficiency ratings, our Energy Star-certified replacement windows products save you money and energy.

Top Choice for Custom Home Replacement Windows Established with Excellence

Universal Windows Direct is a trusted name in custom home replacement windows across the country – and we are proud to bring the same level of high-quality service to Manchester homeowners.

Extraordinary functionality. Tailormade designs. Unbeatable craftsmanship.

We don’t install generic designs and windows. We make sure to work with every homeowner to customize each replacement window to match their needs.

Trust our expert to upgrade your outdated and broken home windows.

Wide Array of Residential Windows Replacement Options

Industry Leading. Top-Quality Materials. The Finest Designs.

Engineered with top-quality materials and available in the finest styles and designs, we are proud to be setting the industry standard.

UniShield® Windows

Replacing Your Old Windows

Is it difficult to open or close your home windows? Is your energy bill higher than usual? Do you see any deterioration, chipping, or water stains on or around your windows?

Then it may be time to replace them.

Aside from old windows impacting the aesthetics of your home, they can also make your place less comfortable and less secure.

You could also end up spending more on energy bills because of dysfunctional windows.

When you replace your old windows, you can:

  • According to the EPA, reduce energy costs by up to $465/year when you replace single-pane windows and $111/year for double-panes with Energy Star-certified windows.
  • Significantly increase your home value.
  • Diminish noise transmission from outside of your house.
  • Heighten your property’s security.
  • Enhance the curb appeal of your house.
  • Lessen sun damage on your furniture, upholstered fabrics, drapes, and carpets.

Benefits of Replacing Your Old and Outdated Windows

If your home windows are letting you down, let us help. At Universal Windows Direct, we offer a wide selection of modern and high-quality replacement window options for New Hampshire homeowners.

Our vinyl replacement windows outfitted with state-of-the-art energy-efficiency glass can reduce your energy bills significantly. On top of that, our UniShield® windows boast a lifetime warranty and budget-friendly options.

If you want to enhance the look and features of your home, replacing old windows might be the perfect solution.

Call our experts today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.

100% Virgin Vinyl

Built with prime virgin materials – never old and recycled – our UniShield® Windows offer unbeatable quality and features.

Fair Pricing Guaranteed

Upgrading home windows should be affordable to everyone who wants the best care and upkeep of their property.

At Universal Windows Direct, we want all New Hampshire homeowners to enjoy superior comfort and style in their homes. We are committed to providing fair pricing and flexible financing options.

Whether you want to replace your home windows all at once or one at a time, we can work with you to meet your needs.

Our Home Windows Replacement Process

Step 1

Request a FREE estimate.

Step 2

Our team will get in touch with you and schedule a consultation that is convenient for you. This visit will allow us to determine an accurate window replacement assessment that is free – with no obligation.

We will also discuss the specific needs of your home and what your preferences are. We do our best to meet those requirements with the best-recommended window replacement options to transform your home into a gorgeous, comfortable, and functional space.

Step 3

Our prompt, reliable, and professional installation team will prep the space and install your new replacement windows.

Contact Universal Windows Direct today to get high-performing replacement windows that will:

  • Elevate the look of your home.
  • Enhance your property’s value.
  • Perform with optimum energy efficiency.
  • Elevate your home’s comfort level – no matter what the weather outside is.
  • Take advantage of our 100% Lifetime Warranty.
  • Save you money.

Style and Design Options for Custom Residential Window Replacement

A home window replacement installation calls for architectural precision and expert workmanship. Our installers always make sure to add windows that work well in your home and exactly the way you envision.

As industry experts, we’ll give you the guidance you need when you buy replacement windows. Get the perfect retrofit windows for homes from Universal Windows Direct.

Double Hung Replacement Windows

Easy upkeep. Energy Saving Windows. Tried and tested.

With fantastic tilt-in design features, the most secure fit, and lock options for added protection, no wonder our UniShield® double-hung windows are a popular choice.

Sliding Window Replacement

Sleek. Durable. Innovative Design Features.

We use superior quality internal brass rollers for the smoothest and quietest replacement sliding windows.

Whether you want a multiple grid glass or two o three-lite configurations, our experts will provide you with expertly installed custom replacement sliding windows.

Picture Windows or Specialty Window

An exceptionally versatile choice, picture windows can bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Make combinations with other window styles. Let natural light in to brighten up your space. Increase ventilation for a more comfortable space.

Our experts can help you choose the best picture windows that will work brilliantly in your home.

Replacement Casement Windows

Classic. Architecturally Gorgeous. Hinges on the Sides.

If you want to add a bold and beautiful feature to your home, go for casement replacement windows.

These windows hinge on the side so you can crank them open, making your space brighter, airier, and more inviting.

Our expert installation team guarantees precise measurements to your existing window frame – for the most accurate fit when the replacement windows are installed.

Awning Replacement Windows

Charming Design. Convenient. Easy to Clean.

With their convenient hinged design, you can easily hold awning windows open to allow for natural light and proper ventilation in your home.

Replacement Window Installation and Maintenance

We always have your satisfaction in mind. Call us for a free estimate to order replacement window, and set the installation at a convenient time.
We value all our customers. We ensure that our services don’t end when the project is done. 
Call us with repair or maintenance concerns anytime.

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Founded in 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio, Universal Windows Direct has steadily grown and has established several locations across the country.

Today, we are honored to be New Hampshire’s branch of Universal Windows Direct.  

We always go by our commitment to achieve constant and never-ending improvement. This philosophy has guided us to provide unbeatable service and support to all our customers.

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We have a team of technicians and project managers with years of experience. We take pride in our reputation as a trusted custom window installation and replacement service provider in New Hampshire.

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