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Premium Custom Vinyl Windows for New Hampshire Homeowners

Inspired Design. Supreme Quality. Service Second to None.

Home windows can set the style for both the interior and exterior of any property.

Windows are a prominent feature of any home. If you have a vision of your dream house, the windows must meet your aesthetic and performance requirements.

At Universal Windows Direct, we offer first-rate, premium vinyl windows – tailor-made new and replacement windows to New Hampshire homeowners.

  • Vinyl Casement Windows
  • Vinyl Replacement Windows
  • Vinyl Awning Windows
  • Double Pane Vinyl Windows
  • Triple Pane Vinyl Windows
  • Vinyl Insulated Windows
  • And more!

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Our talented and experienced window designers and installers are more than capable of creating the best custom-made windows for you.

As a trusted and locally operated vinyl windows company, we specialize in the finest quality custom residential windows design and installation.

The best value with superior customer service: that’s the Universal Windows Direct guarantee.

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New and Retrofit Windows. Custom-Made with Your Needs in Mind. UniShield® Windows.

Unlimited Design Options

Choose new replacement vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct. We have a vast array of style, window type, and material choices available for you.

Our helpful staff will go over every window type to determine which new vinyl windows will work best for your space. Different rooms of the house call for different window styles. We’ll discuss these recommendations with you and help you choose the best option.

Design and order custom vinyl windows. Create a beautiful and functional home. Start today by getting your FREE estimate for new windows.

First-Class, Personalized Service

Precise measurement and assembly. Custom craftsmanship. Our team is committed to go above and beyond industry standards to give you the first-class service you deserve.

Whatever the style and color you are looking for, we can help you create a personalized and remarkable look for your custom vinyl windows. 

Remarkable Performance

Tried and tested UniShield® energy-saving windows are guaranteed to last five times longer than other aluminum windows and vinyl insulated windows. Durable, strong, and forever home windows from Universal Windows Direct.

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Highest Level of Precision. Skillful Custom Work. Customer Focused. Industry-Leading Standards.

Not all properties are the same. For a project as special as your dream home, it’s essential to know all your window options.

If you want tailor-made windows with exceptional composition, you need expert contractors to install them.

Custom-made windows require time and expert craftsmanship. At Universal Windows Direct, we don’t take any shortcuts. Our installers are thorough, accurate, productive, and organized – giving you the perfect windows you need and want.

Free New Windows Estimate

Make your home perfect with custom made windows. Consult with our experts and get your free windows quotes.

Explore different window types with an expert. We’ll get precise measurements and discuss all available options to design and install your perfect custom windows.

To schedule an in-home consultation and request a quote for new windows, give us a call.  All estimates are FREE and scheduled at your convenience.

If you have any questions about any of our products or services, our friendly staff is always ready to help.

Order Custom Windows Today. 100% Lifetime Warranty.

We are committed to delivering exceptional work – every time. A 100% lifetime warranty backs our products and services.

Call us for warranty questions.

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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

UniShield® Classic Windows

Lasting Quality. Unbeatable Value. Year-Round Energy Savings.

  • Premium vinyl mainframe and sashes guaranteed not to warp, peel, chip, or crack.
  • Multi-chambered mainframe and sash generate insulating air for optimum thermal efficiency.
  • Interlocked sash meeting rails for better insulation, durability, and comfort.
  • Drop-in glazing to withstand outside elements.
  • Protective bulb seal to break air infiltration.
  • Invisible screen track for an aerodynamic look and added beauty.
  • Bulb seal at the ledge as protection from air infiltration, dirt, and dust.

All of our products are expertly crafted for superior performance. On top of that, UniShield® vinyl windows are eco-friendly and sustainable – acquiring minimal production waste with maximum material use.

Top-Rated Energy Star Windows

Certified Energy Star products are acknowledged for their outstanding energy efficiency performance. We are proud to offer Energy Star-rated UniShield® windows, built with Grade A materials and created with intelligent designs for optimum energy efficiency.

If you want to buy new windows with top Energy Star ratings, look no further than UniShield® vinyl energy-efficient windows.

Warranty and Service

We stand by our products and services with a guaranteed Lifetime Warranty.  If you see any defects or are dissatisfied with any of our products, please reach out to us. Our helpful in-house staff is ready to assist you.

Triple Seal Technology

Reliable Indoor Climate Control, All-Year-Round

The triple sealing system means more energy savings and less carbon footprint.

Durable inner and outer weather seal. Engineered with a third, center seal for the best vinyl insulated windows. Enhanced thermal and sound insulation capacities. Effective outside noise reduction. Multipoint locking system for home security.

Enhance your quality of living with new and replacement energy efficient windows.

Innergy™ Thermal Rigid Reinforcement

UniShield® window frames lined with fiberglass-fortified Innergy™ inserts. More robust than aluminum windows. Impervious to condensation and temperature.

UniShield® windows Engineered with NASA-Developed Super Spacer® Technology

  • Provides the maximum resistance to heat conduction occurring at the rim of the glass.
  • Locks out condensation, pollens, microbes, and air pollutants.
  • Offers exceptional thermal performance; can effortlessly withstand conditions up to 140°F.

Next-Level Energy Efficient Technologies for Your Home. UniShield® Window Glass System.

Maximize your home’s energy-efficiency performance with the innovative UniShield® glass technology.

UniShield® Supreme – Triple Pane. Low-E Glass. Krypton Gas-Filled.

Built with three panes of double-coated Low-E glass. Each space filled with krypton gas for eco-friendly insulation. Energy Star certified. Year-round energy efficiency features. Reliable climate control and insulation.

UniShield® Supreme – Triple Pane. Argon Gas-Filled.

The UniShield® Supreme is 30% more energy efficient than its double-pane counterpart. Argon gas provides the most excellent insulation capacities for homes that experience extreme temperatures.

UniShield® Plus – Double Pane. Argon Windows. Low-E Glass.

The most popular UniShield® Low-E argon windows. Superior noise and heat reduction features. Double-coated glass for sufficient solar control and UV resistance.

UniShield® Classic: Double Pane.

You can’t go wrong with the UniShield® Classic. Double pane vinyl windows with tried and true UV protection and insulation.

Double or Triple Pane. Krypton or Argon Gas. The Best Window Options.

We offer an exclusive line of energy efficient glass technology for new replacement windows. Our expert staff will go over each option with you to find the best window type for your home.

Triple Pane Vinyl Windows

Protects from sunlight and other weather conditions. Keeps out insect and air pollutants. Best soundproofing. Excellent insulation. Choose triple-pane vinyl windows for your home.

Gas-Filled Home Windows

Odorless. Colorless. Safe. Non-Reactive. Sustainable.

Heavier than air, argon and krypton are classified as noble gases (previously inert gases) used to fill double or triple pane windows for their superior insulation qualities.

These gases increase the thermal performance and energy efficiency of home windows.

Modern home windows greatly benefit from these gas fills. Want to learn which gas is best for your home windows? Talk to one of our experts.

Low-E Window Glass

Top-Rated Quality. Industrial Strength. Innovative Home Window Feature

Make your home comfortable all-year-round while getting the best energy savings with Low-E window glass.

Low-e, or low emissivity glass, utilizes industrial technology to reflect and absorb heat perfectly. The glass panes are built with a film coating that partly reflects heat and UV rays and partly attracts other light – acting as a sunblock for your home.

Low-e glass windows can be double-coated, with each additional coating strengthening its protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

UniShield® Low-E Glass Windows

The Home Windows Upgrade You Need

With the UniShield® Low-E glass windows, you can bring industrial-strength insulation features to your home.

  • Maintain a comfortable indoor climate no matter the season.
  • Keep your home warm during the winter.
  • Significantly lower your energy consumption with Low-E glass that prevents unnecessary heat from coming inside your house.
  • Lessen your carbon footprint by reflecting UV light back into the atmosphere.

Gorgeous Window Glass Options

Custom Colors and Style for Captivating Vinyl Windows

Choose from our wide selection of vinyl colors, interior wood grain styles, and exterior paint color options for completely customized home windows.

Truly custom. Unique in every way. Home windows specially made for your home from Universal Windows Direct.

Etched Glass. Decorative Grids. Simulated Divided Lite Kits.

Glass adds both visual appeal and functionality to your home windows. When you buy vinyl windows, choose a glass that exudes personalization and style while also adding a layer of protection to your home.

Etched Glass Views

Order custom windows with your favorite pattern etched elegantly into the glass.

Available with any of our UniShield® custom made windows.

  • Diamond View
  • Prairie View
  • Double Prairie View
  • Floral View
  • Elongate Floral View
  • Colonial View
  • Obscure View
  • Rain Glass View

Decorative Glass Grids

Custom installed. Best insulation performance to prevent leaks. Sophisticated decorative grids.

Glass grids inserted between double or triple pane windows and argon gas windows.  A stunning window customization option.

Available for any of our UniShield® custom made windows.

  • Colonial Contour
  • Colonial Flat
  • Contour Prairie
  • Colonial Slimline Brass
  • Diamond Flat
  • Antique Brass
  • Double Prairie

Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Kits

Choose from wood or vinyl. Various colors. Skillfully applied and tested for lasting performance.

Adhered to the outside of the glass, our SDLs give an exquisite grid pattern to windows. For complete customization, choose from interior and exterior color options.

We apply and test our SDLs at the factory for the best performance and lasting durability.

Ask an associate for all your options. Home windows tailor-made for you and your home.

Order Energy-Efficient and Custom-Sized Windows for Unique and Historic Homes

If you are a proud owner of a unique or historic home, you must also have custom-made windows for your house. Are they still in the best shape? Or are they leaking heat and air?

Crescent-shaped, circular, half-circular – whatever unique shapes and styles they are, you need to make sure they are also energy efficient.

Call us for a FREE estimate and get a full custom window replacement by experienced installers. We can upgrade your old windows to energy efficient ones that will complement your beautiful property.

Additional Window Accessories

Elevate your custom windows with accessories. Screens and blinds let you manage the amount of air and light you want to allow.

Window Screens

Get a nice airflow and appreciate the view outside while still keeping insects and bugs out. Top-of-the-line window screens from Universal Windows Direct.

  • Standard Mesh
  • Better Vue
  • Ultra Vue

In-Glass Mini-Blinds

Exclusive designer options. Protected from animals, weather, and other outside elements. Expertly engineered to withstand UV exposure. Easy upkeep.

At Universal Windows Direct, we ensure all our in-glass mini-blinds are inspected and quality tested at our factory for the best performance and durability.

Custom Window Locks

For Protection and Optimum Energy Efficiency

All UniShield® customized window designs are built with secure, tight locks for security and energy efficiency.

Choose your favorite lock finish to match your custom windows.

  • Antique Brass
  • Bright Brass
  • Coppertone
  • Satin Nickel
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